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Seasons are changing
Play from the old script
Reminds me always
It speaks all day, every day, whispers in my ears
New journeys are waiting
Gathering the silence, I'm everywhere, it's timeless

Slowly start to work this
Unsounded violence, now I'm everywhere without your guidance
Months are coming with
More and more questions
Escape or stay
Remind me always

As birds move away
Under my skin, I feel
The calm is near
Use quiet words today, use your lung this way
Make me stay, my dear
Now I'm here, oh my dear, this time I won't disappear

When wind turns into a gentle breeze
I clearly see, this uncertainty
No one but you, only you know me perfectly
The year's different but the story's the same
Every spring comes with the old screen-play
Remain unchanged, it reminds me every day


from III​/​II, released April 29, 2015


tags: metal Budapest


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ORiON DAWN Budapest, Hungary

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